Anything is Possible
jolt's new TLV office
Jolt's CEO cuddles his furry logo


planning, fabricating and installing

Jolt new offices needed some spark and the CEO wanted a furry logo.

They contacted me and asked me if 

I can do it.

My moto is "yes I can!" (it's not original but it's a good one).

So after giving them my price and telling them how I'm gonna do it, we (me and jolt) set out to find the right fur and I started working .

These letters are built out of wood and PVC and are covered with fur, all by hand, and I think this logo is beautiful, but better then being just pretty (that's totally subjective) it doesn't leave you apathetic.

This is what I aim to do in every project, leave my clients and their customers speechless, with the outcome and the way to it.

Jolt's logo and Roy Drabkin